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Artist Bio

Sudies of Art and Ceramics Sculpture under Edwig Grosman,
Imre Shrammel, Enrique Mestre. First sculptures.
Since 1985, own workshop in Guivataim, there she works and teach.


Born in Argentina, living Israel since 1963.


B.A. in Architecture - Technion, Haifa

Worked as Architect.

Collective Exhibitions in Israel and Abroad

1981 – 2007

Painters and Sculptors Association – Tel-Aviv and Jerusalem.

Jaffa Nights, Jaffa Art.

5 exhibitions Kikar Gallery – Old Jaffa.

Old Jaffa, Israel and East Germany Artists.

Old Railway Station – Beer Sheva.

Shlushe Shloshim –Neveh Zedek –Tel Aviv.

Biennial of Sculpture Kibutz Farod –Awarded.

Engineers and Architects Association –Tel Aviv.

Homage to Massaccio, Medal – Awarded.

Against Violence Against Women, 6 Exhibitions.

Israel Ceramics Artists in Capital Cities –Europe.

Metropolitan Museum of Tokyo –Japan.

Del Bello Gallery Toronto –Canada.

Galleria Suymuri Genoa Pegli –Italy.

International Biennial of Aveiro –Portugal

Biennial de Ceramic d’Art, Vallauris - France

Hundred Years of Modernism –Sitges Spain.

Lo Nunca Visto -Clermont Ferrand France.

Models for Environmental Sculptures, Kfar Menachem Museum.

Nude, reliefs, Virtual Gallery Art Addiction.

Homage, Bible House.

Tangos, Espacio10Arte,virtual Gallery

Femina, Congress Center- Haifa

Sculptures, Castra - Haifa

2008 – 2013

Placas de Artistas2007, Mexico.

Diary, Expo-artistas 2007,Centro Cultural Borges, Buenos Aires.

Dairy, SOFA New York & SOFA Chicago.

Biennale of Contemporary Art, Chianciano(SI) Italy 2009, awarded,

3rd Prize Leonardo per la Scultura for Bar and Totem.

Against Violence, Diary Chapters, City Gallery Guivataim.

Wedding, Old Yaffa.

Maria Elena Kravetz Gallery- Cordoba Argentina

Expoartistas 2012 CCBorges - Buenos Aires Argentina

INTERPLAY - Studio Vogue Gallery - Toronto Canada

Erotica 2013 Artebo - Bologna Italia


1994 – 1996

RvanR Galeria - Buenos Aires- Argentina

Garden Table , Znovar – Tel Aviv.

Set of Dishes, Capot Tmarim Restaurant, Tel Aviv.

1985 – 2013

Panels for Exhibition Room, Halamish in Bnei Braque.

Ceramic Orange Plate, for Admon Hehadash Publicity and The Council of Fruit Marketing.

Individual Exhibitions in Israel and abroad.

Birds, Antea Gallery –Tel Aviv.

Women Landscape, KadimGallery –Jerusalem.

People, Beit Ot Hamutzar, Jerusalem.

Models for Environmental Sculptures, Kfar Menahem Museum.

Now, Kikar Gallery –Old Jaffa.

Confrontation, Beit Iad Labanim –Beer Sheva.

Gates, Kikar Gallery- Old Jaffa.

Processes, Painters and Sculptors Association –Tel Aviv.

Remembrance, Tower (Migdal) Gallery –Tel Aviv.

Diary, Hamishkan Lamanuiot Habama and The Bible Museum, Tel Aviv.

Tango, Opera Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan Theatre.

Tango, Beit Meirov, Holon.

Compendium Gallery, Auckland, New Zealand

Reliefs and Sculptures in private collections.

Woman Landscape, mural – Dor, Kiriat Onu, Israel.

Birds, mural – Tuval, Jerusalem, Dolev Kibbutz Hatzerim, Israel.

Collage, mural. – Dor, Hod Hasharon, Israel.

Reflection 1, mural – Shiba Hospital, Ramat Gan, Israel.

Reflection 2, sculpture- The Sue Branch of the Mizunami City Office-Gifu

Prefecture, Japan.

Birds and Fountain, environmental sculpture, for a public garden in G.Tikva.

Four Generations, environmental sculpture –Guivat Shmuel, Israel.

The shadow of the olive tree, memorial - Guivat Shmuel - Israel.

Collage, mural 41m/ 5m , Energy Room, Azrieli Center – Tel Aviv, Israel.

Gate, environmental sculpture, Seminar Hakibutzim –Tel Aviv, Israel.

Diary, 25 pieces in privet collections.

10 sculptures for an office building - Azrieli Center- Tel Aviv, Israel.

Homage to El Greco, relief- Municipality of Sitges, Spain.

Masks, Seminar Hakibutzim Tel Aviv Israel.

Small reliefs and sculptures in privet collections.

Tango, ceramic sculpture h: 2,30 m., Ruppin Academic Center.


Jewish Artists in the World (3rd Book), by Hedwig Brenner.

Dairy and Tango, Art in Migration magazin, Wien, Austria. 2009.

Paper Soldier, Art in migration 2010.

Diary, Ceramics Art and Perception, 75/2009.  Lea Dolinsky, Studio Meeting, video by Doron Polak.

500xArt in Public, Braun Publishing - Germany (page 183)

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