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My work has received several mentions in art books and publications, here are a few of them:

500x Art in Public

My work "Masks Fountain", on display at Ganei Tikva, was selected to be included on page 158 of "500x Art in Public". From the editor: "Works of art on display in the public realm have always featured amongst the greatest achievements of mankind... Around 150 works explain the history of public art over 4,500 years of historical eras and styles. 350 examples are from the 1960s to present day, allowing an in-depth look at contemporary works...".

Paper Soldier

Featured in "Art in Migration", Viena 2010, my work "Paper Soldier" was inspired by Bulat Okudzhava's poem Soldat Bumagni. Clay, Paper & Fire.

Once there was a soldier, he was brave and beautiful,  and he wanted to change the world.

Other soldiers mistrusted him for he was a paper soldier.

He believed he could face them, and improve conditions for the whole world. 

Forgetting he was a paper soldier, he cried fire!!!

He flamed out, before he could achieve his goals.

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